Improve Your Immune System with Olive Leaf Extract



The immune system—your #1 defense against the world


   Here we are, back in the middle of another cold and flu season.  So, how are you feeling today?  Are you holding your own against the constant invasion of viruses, bacteria and other creepy-crawlies that are trying to gain a stronghold in your body, or have you become a walking box of Kleenex, chicken soup in one hand and bottle of aspirin in the other?


Actually, having the flu or even a common cold is really no laughing matter.  Pick up a newspaper on any given day (especially this time of the year), and you’re sure to find at least one story talking about a particularly deadly strain of influenza or mutating super germs.  It seems that staying well is on its way to being equated with staying alive.


Scientists, doctors, nutritionists (and quite a few moms out there) all agree that the best way possible for you to stay healthy is to have a strong immune system.  In addition to the germs, microbes and bacteria that come at us all day, we also have to worry about immune-stressors like bad diet, pollution, and stress.  Anything and everything we can do to keep our immune system as strong as possible should be embraced.


Olive Leaf extract to the rescue!


   Fortunately for us, Mother Nature has provided us with what appears to be one of the best immunity boosters on the entire planet, and it comes from the Biblically-famous and otherwise well-known olive tree.  Olive leaf extract, derived from the olive tree or olea europaea, contains some very intriguing compounds that appear to kill off most types of nasty germs and bacteria right at the cellular level.


For example, in a 1999 study conducted at the University of Rome, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, two of the substances found naturally in olive leaf extract, were tested against all sorts of bacteria including salmonella and staphylococcus in the laboratory.  Both compounds were determined to be “promising antimicrobial agents for the support of intestinal and respiratory health.”


Additional research has found that olive leaf extract works in several very specific ways against viruses and bacteria.  For example, it has been shown to actually contain and prevent the spread of infections by deactivating the viruses by preventing them from shedding or budding.  In addition, olive leaf extract may also enter infected cells and prevent the viruses from replicating, and it has been shown to interfere with the amino acid production that is necessary for viruses to survive.  Finally, the supplement also causes a phenomenon called phagocytosis, which causes cells in the immune system to ingest harmful bugs like viruses and bacteria.


Since the strength of our immune systems ultimately determines whether or not we will fall ill, we must do all we can to support this vital area of the body.  By working at the cellular level and destroying invading bacteria and viruses, we will hopefully make it through another cold and flu season unscathed.




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